Online marketing

Digital trends for 2018 and beyond

What online marketing is holding for us in 2018? Let us look in details where the advertising industry is heading, what the best websites do in order to increase real traffic that convert.

Shoppers turning to the internet more and more to actually conclude purchases. Big store chains in the US have experienced a drop in Christmas shopping boom in the 3rd consecutive year by now. No wonder, people have become more conscious about their buying habits.

They start out on the internet – look for items they are interested in. They comapare features, prices and then they go to a real shop to have a closer look. Once they like the item they rush back home and order online in order to lower the price tag.

It seems many people turn to the internet to single out the product, they go off-line to inspect the goods and then they order online again. No wonder traditional shops run their own webshops to be able to get a fair cut of the internet cake.

What does that mean for internet advertising?

Competition becomes more fierce than ever as there are more players for the the same audience. Your choice to reach buyers is varied – ppc campaigns, adwords, google seo, display media (banners, rich media) and advertisng networks.

We will have a look at the ecommerce, igaming and dental tourism industry to see how difficult it has become for marketers to reach a wider audience. As the studies develop we will add the information with through examples like vatera the Hungarian ecommerce site and soncity westend Budapest along with laportadental the dental holidays provider beemp3z a mp3 downloader and no download gaming experience portal.

Through the examples of the sites mentioned we shall look at the market situation, options for increasing visibility and conduct a overall online marketing performance test. We shall try to conclude in each case and see if 2014 is holding something for these industries.