Our finest genuine Australian Sheepskin Rugs are tanned from the finest Spring Lambs and are only available for a short time every year. We still have  a nice supply in our  warehouse available for immediate shipment. These rugs would look great in front of your fireplace, on your den wall, or next to your bed. Image waking up to the soft sensation of sheepskin when you get out of bed in the morning.

Sheepskin Care and Cleaning

Lambskin is very easy to look after. Often, lambskin can simply be placed in the washing machine on the low heat wool cycle. When cleaning the sheepskin or lambskin is done, press the sheepskin until excess water comes out. Shape the sheepskin rug, insole or outer back to how it was. Sheepskin wool should be kept away from any kind of fabric conditioner.

Sheepskins and lambskins are not waterproof unless you spray them with a lamskin protector. Sheepskin protector products are designed to resist rains and stains.

Methods of washing and drying lamskin are basically the same for most sheepskin types. Keep lambskin away from direct sunlight while drying as this can change the texture of the wool. No artificial heat should be used to dry lamskin as this could also alter texture. An outdoor breeze is one of the best sheepskin drying methods. For sheepskin rugs, you can use a wire brush (like a dog brush) before and after the drying process.

Keep dust out of sheepskin with a light duster or natural lanolin – both attract and hold dust.

Sheepskin Care & Cleaning / Lambskin Care

  • tumble dry can damage sheepskin
  • drying lamskin on radiators will cause damage
  • washing in hot water will damage lamskin
  • storing sheepskin in plastic bags will cause damage
  • biological washing detergents will damage sheepskin
  • bleach damages sheepskin