Vedic pandits

How to find a good vedic pandit?

vedic panditsMany times we meet with the question how to find a good vedic pandit for yagya performance, as this is a question of trust. The fact is that until we are not certain about the knowledge and purity of the vedic pandits who organize yagya far away from us or from the person who orders and pays for it, our minds will not be tranquil, we will not feel secured ourselves. How to solve it? Is there any solution for this matter?

Yes there is. It seems nowadays there are two big organizations with trusted yagya services and pandits, one is Vedic Yagya International with Pandit Umesh ( and the other is Maharishi’s organization ( Both of them have pure vedic services and enough pandits with the required knowledge.

Pandit Umesh and his pandits at the Vedic Yagya International sometimes perform free yagyas to the customers and Maharishi pandits perform daily rudrabhishek yagya for the world peace. It is possible to read the feedbacks of many satisfied customers about both teams. Another important factor is that both of them supply yagya services to international customers for more than a decade.

So let all of us support both of them, and let all of us thank them for their pure vedic services.